In the late winter of 2020, we returned to Southeast Asia, having last visited in 2011. It was still cool and cloudy in Hanoi, but already pleasantly hot in the south. Our primary experience was a Viking River Cruise, travelling by boat from Kampong Cham in Cambodia, along the Mekong and eventually arriving in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Before we joined the tour, we were on our own in northern Vietnam, visiting Ninh Binh and the rice country of Sapa.

It was a strange time to visit, as Vietnamese New Year coincided with the beginning of the trip. It's their biggest holiday, so many establishments were closed or had holiday special activities or meals. Then, the coronavirus began to make itself known in Wuhan. By the time we reached Ho Chi Minh City, masks were prevalent, even in restaurants and Chinese temples were closed.
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01 25 2020/20200125_4B3B6932
Hanoi, Vietnam
01 21 2020/20200121_4B3B6762
Ninh Binh, Vietnam
01 24 2020/20200124_4B3B6911
Sapa, Vietnam
01 28 2020/20200128_4B3B7144
Siem Reap, Cambodia
01 31 2020/20200131_4B3B7594
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
02 01 2020/20200201_4B3B7724
Udon Monastery and
Silversmith Village, Cambodia
02 04 2020/20200204_4B3B7930
Sa Đéc, Vietnam