Of course, a trip to Africa is high on any wildlife lover's list. We finally made it, spending a bit over 2 weeks in Kenya.

We stayed at 3 major lodges - Ol Donyo, Ol Malo, and Mara Plains. We also took a driving trip between Ol Malo and Mara Plains, staying overnight in Lake Nakuru. The whole experience was unbelievable, with way more animals than I might have imagined. We got lucky and caught several crossing of the wildebeests and zebra. The only down side was the day of the balloon ride being overcast and dreary.
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Ol Donyo/IMG_0100
Ol Donyo
Ol Malo/IMG_1031
Ol Malo
Lake Nakuru/IMG_1584
Lake Nakuru
Mara Plains/2013_09_26/IMG_2064
Mara Plains