In the 2015, we returned to the Galápagos Islands after 10 years. We traveled for 10 full days, on a small ship with 10 other passengers, 4 of whom were friends.

As in 2005, the Galápagos takes your breath away with the abundant animal life, history, and sense of remoteness. We visited a number of islands that we missed last visit as well.

Before heading out to the Galápagos, we spent a few days in the cloud forest outside of Quito, at the Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve, a lovely, low-key lodge. The primary highlight was the number and diversity of hummingbirds.
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North Seymour
Tower - Darwin Bay & Prince Philip’s Steps
Fernandina - Punta Vicente Roca & Punta Espinoza
Fernandina - Punta Vicente Roca & Punta Espinoza
Isabela - Urvina Bay & Punta Moreno
San Cristobal - Punta Pitt & Cerro Brujo